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Angela Unbound


'The beautiful and engaging Ewa Jenson as Caroline aka Angela, added a much needed poignancy between the more farcical moments of the play' London Festival Fringe, Swillow, 2010


'They were laughing within minutes, from the moment Caroline stripped down to her Chemise, and a hilarious time was had by all.' The British Theatre Guide, Howard Loxton, 2010


'...wonderfully guided and balanced out by the delicious Jenson who strips and salivates her way towards love' Theatremonkey, Alistair Banks, 2010


'Jenson is able to play her myriad mood swings, turning from vulnerable to predatory on a sixpence.' The Stage, Scott Matthewman, 2010



'Titus Andronicus', Action To The Word, 2010


'The whole cast provides performances to genuinely hook each audience member...' Tom Filby, Remote goat, 2010


'I was genuinely blown away by the quality of the acting talent on stage for us that night. The ensemble came together pretty much flawlessly, and the standard of acting meant that the overtly theatrical decor and music complimented the source material.' Tom Filby, Remote Goat, 2010


'The action to the word team very cleverly manages to make the whoe thing more poignant than grotesque.' Rob Virtue, The Wharf, 2010



Getting Away, Giant Olive, 2010


'The whole cast, which also includes...Ewa Jenson (a wickedly accented Superfille), play their multiple roles with gusto.' Howard Loxton, The British Theatre Guide, 2010


'The cast do a great job of tackling multiple roles with aplomb...the ensuing hilarity will be familiar to anyone who enjoys a good old Alan Ayckbourn farce. Sally Stott, The Stage, 2010  

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