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'The Complete Works of William Shakespeare,' The Seagull Theatre



'Never a play of two halves this is ninety minutes of continuous roller coaster fun, entertainment at it' s best as we go rattling through the complete works of Shakespeare abridged. This exceptional rendition by the Seagull Repertory Theatre slash Shakespeare Company... leaves you breathless and amazed at the sheer energy and vitality of the performance.'Eastern Daily Press, 2011



'So if you want to be entertained by a brilliantly imaginative (a rap Othello? Oh, please…) absolutely top-notch, frenetic production, delivered by three talented and energetic young actors, totally immersed in their craft - then this one is for you...See it. At all costs.' Hugh Gatenby, OneSuffolk, 2011



'It has a dynamic of its own a vitality that is infectious and a momentum that is breathtaking. A true West End performance with a feisty young woman seeming to take charge of the boys and keep them on track; which she is admirably equipped to do and succeeds at with aplomb.' Lowestoft Journal, 2011



'The casting of a female into this hitherto masculine domain of the troupe of three is an absolute stroke of genius. It is she, Ewa Jenson who introduces the evening to us and her clear voice and enunciation help to keep up the level of understanding throughout the play.' Sue Henderson, 2011

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