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Orestes; His Fall'



'As the archetypal woman, Helen is bound to be a hard role to live up to. Duplicitous, crowd-pleasing and blonde Ewa Jenson's laudable interpretation is almost down-to-earth and a heightening contrast to scheming Electra.' The Stage, Barbara Lewis, 2011



'Ewa Jenson is a notable actor in Orestes, bringing gravity, power and stunning execution to the roles of Helen.' Tom Darkney, Review london, 2011



'The action is studded with famous characters from Greek history, including a stately Helen of Troy. The climactic finale is superbly orchestrated. In the best blockbuster tradition, it left me eagerly awaiting the sequel.' Sheila Cornelius, Remote Goat, 2011



Lazarus returns to the stage in a bold and inventive bill...dramatic, engaging and some of the finest storytelling I have seen this year, creating a sinister world of modern day politics and corruption... Ewa Jenson a triumphant Helen.' Whatsonstage, 2011

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